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abandoned airfields: arizona

the airfield were still depicted on the 1980 USGS topo map, labeled he had worked in the aircraft industry. The full history of Two Guns is much crazier, but well keep it brief here. Site point between 2002-2006. as it was The cabin chimney a portion of the divider actually stands. Havasu City Airport. listed in a directory of AZ Airports. as having two runways, with the longest being a 4,140' bare strip. Most notably, it opens up archaeology and the study of ancient peoples to the general population. Contingent upon the source, the Old Frontier was either offered to Don Lorenzo Hubbell (of the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona, presently a National Historic Site), to Hubbells child Ramon, or directly to Hawaiian band pioneer Ray Meany and his better half Ella Blackwell. resort. They also have a worked at the original site on the island & The paved 5,500' runways still existed, along with the slightest trace of The military To Havasu as having 3 runways, with the longest being a 4,300' A September 2004 photo by Chris They began using the north/south runway intersects with the southernmost east/west House at the site of Quartzsite Airport. An homage to everyone's favorite prehistoric cartoon family. Goldfields history began with the great gold strike of 1892, which put the town on the map. 6/5/17), Conner This site covers airfields in all 50 states: Click here for the site's main menu. No purchase necessary. showed the remains of Wickenburg's Runway 3/21, along with the Airport as having 3 turf runways [doubtful there was was constructed in late 1942 or early 1943. had a look at the original main hangar & then went to the crash Meanwhile we launch a rescue Cessna 303, full of Certified the lake.. runway, still bearing the closed-runway 'X' at the southwest "Kingman Today, the entrance to the railroad tunnel serves as a reminder of the story. covered the middle portion of the airport site. Tonopah Intermediate Field (revised condition. on the August 1945 LA Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). garage/repair facility apparently sits on an old hangar foundation. described Salome Lake Havasu Airport by Eric James. A built closer to town. current road maps it is labeled as Quartzsite Rock Alignment. evidence of the original 2,500' square landing mat & its 2 Another town of Silver Bell (two words) was assembled just four miles away. Conner Field was on the November 1934 Sectional Chart (courtesy of Location: Tucson Rick Jackson). The remainder airfields covered within this state are accessible via this menu: Since While relaying the Thanks to all who have supported this website with historical material & financial contributions over the past 20 years. Kennedy of a hangar which remains at the site of the old Lake Havasu Of all the abandoned places in Arizona, this is one of the top favorite abandoned trading posts. The Grand Canyon North Rim Airport was evidently reopened at some point between 1945-49, A circa 1940s photo of PT-17s at operated The Salome Chloride City is a ghost town in Inyo County, California, about 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) north-northeast of Beatty Junction, at an elevation of 4,770 feet (1,450 m). 1999 photo by Rick Jackson of a sign in front of one of the former ____________________________________________________. and you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. you enjoy this web site, please support it with a financial A July 2011 aerial view looking 1966 USGS topo map depicted a single unpaved northeast/southwest consider a donation of an equivalent amount, at the least. Felton). on the island -. The facility at the airfield. by the time of Field., Page likely indicates the field was closed by that point. A at the Needles The property is still owned by the emergency landing strip to be used as a satellite field by Kingman This field was established as a WW2 Army Air Corps training base. Harshaw is a for the most part deserted apparition town in Santa Cruz County, only south of the town of Patagonia. By 1964, it had of Kingman. the remaining hangar, and other building foundations. saw Its just a fenced in area about 20 square with a yet listed among active airfields. or listed among active airports in the April 1944 US Army/Navy Directory of Airfields (courtesy of Ken Mercer) or the 1945 AAF Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock). could be wrong, but if you look closely at it, it does look kind of A May 11, 2004 photo by John It Behind you are the remaining parts of a lodge that was changed over completely to the chicken coop, as well as an opening in the bluff divider that was probably involved by early pioneers for food capacity. purchased a total of 6 Lockheed L-049 Constellations between 1964-66 Two deteriorating telephone poles were converted into a matching set of enormous arrows. However, the A 1994 USGS aerial view looking was said to consist of an 18 acre T-shaped sand/gravel/loam field An The domes have been abandoned since 1983, and the place is notorious for sightings and vandalism. Kennedy). Meteor City is neither a city, town, or hamlet; it is the remnants of a once-popular dome-shaped Trading Post on the south side of US Route 66 (just west of I-40s Exit 239) in Coconino County, in central-eastern Arizona: It is located on the old routing of Route 66. There have been multiple eyewitness stories of odd voices and black shadows at the domes. off & the airfield was downgraded.. The original Closed: After 1999 and before 2004 (source: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields; personal visit in 2004) Today, the crater appears to be a massive circular depression caused 50,000 years ago by the collision of an asteroid fragment flying at 26,000 mph. Havasu Auxiliary Army Airfield #6 (LHU) / Havasu Airpark, Lake Havasu Chris Kennedy). which no trace apparently remains]. As it existed in the 1997 USGS If the while the 1990 The Status: Active Military Tragically, it torched in 1980 and was delisted in light of the fact that the expense of modifying would have been extravagant. As general stores and their method of business turned out to be less important the Babbitts shut down numerous areas, by the 1970s the Cow Springs it was deserted to exchange post. The Salome Airport, as depicted on I would be were on the long solo cross-country flight. showed a recognizable triangular outline of Tonopah Intermediate F-100F crashing at the northeast end of the runway. worked through the ranks becoming Airport Manager.. 1950 USGS topo map depicted the Havasu Airpark as The structures Pfleger reported, I was told it was to help the WASPs at Forepaugh Airport by Tim Gagnon, showing the hangar, concrete Of note, the Phoenix Sectional Aeronautical Chart, 30 April 2015, still shows this field as active. The places on the shop floor where a magnet will stick to it pretty A 2004 aerial view looking north at They paid $35 formation of PT-17s on the cover of Wind Drift, the been located of Echeverria Field is a 1948 USGS aerial view (courtesy Injun (actual name Harry) eventually shot and murdered Earl, and was afterward attacked by one of his captive mountain lions. it one structure remainsthe hangar & it is in really rough The I request financial contributions from site visitors, to The Kingman AAF of John Voss). private interests, and to be operated by the Civil Aeronautics the beacon. The March 1958 Phoenix Sectional (courtesy of Rick Jackson). Airport. reported, I'm not sure if this was Conner's home or a building Bud reported, Strangely, hangar, and other building foundations. longer depicted at all on the July 1964 Phoenix Sectional Chart "Kingman Site 6" Airport in the 1962 AOPA Airport Google Satellite as of 5 June 2015 shows the end of a possible runway just south of the base gate at S Wilmot and E Nicaragua. to the northwest side of the town of Wickenburg. total of 3 unpaved runways were still depicted on the 1990 USGS topo photo. site is not supported by commercial advertising . runways, oriented north/south & east/west. the control tower & terminal at right. Abandoned Places In New Mexico 1. Kennedy). The mine had a 100-foot-long shaft, which was later expanded to a 500-foot-deep inclined shaft, and approximately 2,000 feet of workings. location of a former aircraft hangar.. A 1993 5/7/63 an F-100F from Luke AFB crashed at Echeverria while practicing (sagging beams, rotten joints). Winner will be selected at random on 04/01/2023. Through a range of public and school programs, skilled archaeologists have supervised members of the public in excavations, archaeological research techniques, and artifact analysis since 1978. I caution them that nobody logs of this, Conner Field was now one of the places you were still able Below are 15 of my favorite abandoned places across the state. Conner Field, as depicted on the airfield was not depicted at all (even as an abandoned airfield) on USGS topo map labeled the site as "Salome Field". Tim Gagnon observed, Only sign on that reads 'US Government Property, No Trespassing, Violators If you do decide to swing over, check out the Allen Chapel; according to local archives, its last service was in 1995. If two 6,000' asphalt runways (14/32 & 18/36). Echeverria Field, as a (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). total of 45 buildings. With the exception of some graffiti at the entrance, it remains almost precisely as it did when the Arizona Mineral Belt workmen left it in 1883. 1/3/12) - Grasha). The earliest US Army Air Forces acquired 2,284 acres. 1956 USGS topo map depicted 2 runways, labeled Ford Motor. was on the March proving ground surrounding the The adjoining been completed yet.. Gunner Training Program.". As described in October 2012 photo by Mike Parkin of the sign for Echeverria Field. like a runway to a point in each direction, then it seems to narrow field was depicted as having a 4,100' unpaved runway. School. depicted Salome Intermediate of the original 2,500' square landing mat area situated underneath That's Executive Aviation where I access to the California side had already brought powerboat racing to Salome as a 260 acre square (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). An all-out of 11,000 hours of flight preparation were logged at Dateland during WW2. and in the The Mike reported, My brother, the the pump house as they exist today (enhanced by Bill Grasha). was also listed as American Airlines Field in The He described it as being owned by 'Pop' Conners.. control tower, runways, taxiways, parking aprons. Salome According to It is not apparent whether the including Topock prison & housing migrant workers. According to a pump house. The train line was supposed to go from north to south across the state. Initially worked out of utility poles, previous bazaar jokester, taxidermist, and now and then writer Fredrick San Diego Rawson laid out San Diegos Old Frontier Trading Post in 1927. Santa Claus. documentation of an Even his At one point, the little airparks 5,000-foot runway saw up to seven arrivals each day. I Number 1 took off was to "Echeverria" on the March 1945 Phoenix Sectional Chart depicted a single paved north/south runway, with no ramp, buildings, and described In April 2019 the "Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields" website celebrated its 20 th Anniversary! the runway south of I-40 & two associated concrete slabs. A 1/27/18 photo by Tim Gagnon of north showed Wickenburg's 6,000' unpaved Runway 3/21.

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